The Department of English Language and Literature is launching a Public Speaking online competition between Wednesday 22nd April and Tuesday 5th May, 2020. The competition is open to all the students of the Department at both FLSH Kénitra and ESEF Kénitra.
The participants will choose a topic from the list below or bring another one and talk about it in 2 minutes. They will record themselves on video and share the video on the FB group:

“Public speaking – Ibn Tofail University”

not later than Tuesday 5th May, 2020 at 8 p.m. The Facebook group is a private academic platform.
The general theme is the impact of Coronavirus on your everyday life. The participant may choose to talk about one of the following (or elaborate another relevant topic or issue):

    • – How life has changed in Morocco because of Coronavirus?
    • – How has it affected your day to day life in person?
    • – What are your most serious worries?
    • – What do you miss the most?
    • – What do you value now the most?
    • – How activities and routines have changed? (Choose one: communication, hanging out, family life, entertainment, study….)
    • – Will things return to what they used to be after the situation comes to an end?
    • – One particular good thing about it
    • – One particular bad thing about it

Evaluation will take into consideration the following measures:

    • – Topic relevance
    • – Accuracy of the talk (correct language)
    • – Coherence and structure of the talk
    • – Sincerity and involvement
    • – Creativity and style
    • – Facial expressions

Evaluation is based on 2 criteria:
    1. Number of likes and comments each participant receives within the group 60%.
    2. Jury’s own evaluation 40%.
The winner will be announced once evaluation done (in 2 weeks more or less). The winner will be awarded a prize.
The students who want to participate will comment on the Facebook page with ‘I’m in’ and point to the topic they will talk about.
Technical reminder: The candidate is to set their camera horizontally and choose a place that is calm and lighted.

For the Public Speaking Club